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Victory Carbonschaft VAP V3 Target Gamer


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Technical specifications:

Diameter: Small Diameter
Straightness Tolerance: ±0.003
Weight Tolerance:±0.005
Available Spines:400-1100
Included Componenets:Bohning F Nocks
Designed for: All levels of Indoor and Outdoor Target Shooting
11,90 €
Inkl. 20% MwSt, exkl. Versandkosten

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11,90 €
Inkl. 20% MwSt, exkl. Versandkosten


Small diameter carbon shaft from Victory.

Same quality Target shafts from Victory with new cresting for 2017

Key features:

  • Thick walled, 100% high modulas carbon construction for tight group sizes.
  • High strength, durable construction.
  • Provides wind resisting long range accuracy.
  • Nano- ceramic "ICE" coating for improved penetration and easy arrow removal.
  • Good range of spines for a perfect tune.


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